I’ve been a life coach since late 2013. I’ll say more about this at some point, but for now let’s talk about the site.

The review part of this site is really just a place where I can cut straight to the point about what really matters. Forget about all those reviews out there that just try to sell products. Guides should be written so that they actually provide value to people. If you wanted a product description spouted back to you, you’d just go on Amazon.

While this site doesn’t really have a theme or a niche that it sticks to, it’s bound together by the theme of being unbound by convention. It’s about living a life where you say, “Screw it, let’s just go for what gives us value in life. Who cares about what’s normal?”

Live in a home that brings you joy. Turn your home into your own personal haven. A mini-paradise, where you can say “screw it,” and go do whatever you want.

Other than working on this site, I also run a climbing site with a very good friend of mine. I’ll be doing a whole lot more writing for that in the future, because, you know, rock climbing is awesome.