Camping in Modern Warfare: How to Beat It

Camping in Call of Duty not the optimal playstyle. Checking your angles as you sweep across the map is.

I’ll explain why.

The reason why it’s commonly thought that camping is optimal, is because it just seems that way when you don’t check your angles.

That’s because pushing forward without checking your angles means either dying seemingly “from nowhere,” or dying to a person holding an angle (AKA camping), which means you basically have to wait a long time between kills. It’s just suboptimal.

But here’s the thing: camping can’t be the optimal playstyle, because people who sit in a corner and camp one or two angles have to wait a very long time between kills too. Sweeping through the map while checking all your angles in sequence will always result in far more engagements than that, and you’ll be at a great advantage, both defensively and offensively in all of them if you do it properly.

Why You Should Check Your Angles Progressively

You see, when you sweep your way across the map this way, you’ll only reveal yourself to the enemy at the very moment they appear in your crosshairs. You’ll also be in cover, while they may well not be. If they are, and they’re “headglitching,” that simply means they have no chance of strafing to avoid your shots. It’s a headshot kill for the taking there.

You’re also basically immune to claymores when doing this. It’s free points for you and an extra perk slot, and I’ve noticed they always panic when you destroy their claymore. “He KNOWS. I need to move.” That’s what the camper is thinking when you’re about to push in.

But that’s not all. That’s just the defensive advantage. You also have to remember that as you enter an angle the enemy is holding, there’s a small amount of peeker’s advantage that will effectively shorten your perceived time-to-kill on his end. This game also heavily favors the shooter, which means it’s entirely down to your own aim as you peek the camper. This is good.

As you slay the camper by simply pulling the trigger where you’re already looking, they’ll get to experience the whole “But I shot first, didn’t miss, and died first!” thing.

Then add that to the fact that they’ve been holding that angle for a whole minute, and may even have pretty good reflexes, and you’re looking at a whole lot of frustration and a new post on the r/modernwarfare subreddit about netcode.

As for those who are allergic to more “methodical” playstyles, bear in mind you can even do this really quickly when you get used to it. If you watch Shroud, you’ll notice he still does this, even though his godlike aim is good enough to support his more twitch-based (lol) run and gun playstyle in Modern Warfare. At its core, it’s all about limiting your exposure to the angles you check, with little strafing movements to bait shots and make you harder to hit.

Of course, it’ll take some practice to get used to it, and some of you are just so sick of campers that you want a quick solution. So, for those who are still learning this, I’ll throw together some things off the top of my head that’ll really just solve campers for you:

FR 5.56

If you can’t one-shot a camper with a burst of this gun, you need to work on your aim. This gun kills so fast that on their screen it’ll look like you killed them before you even came around the corner.

But again, if you miss your shot, then they will kill you. This is a gun that trains you to check your angles.

Flashbangs and Frag Grenades

Bounce them off the wall like in CS:GO. Get the perk that recharges equipment every 30 seconds. That gives you one room clearing option every 15 seconds, for when you’re in a hurry or there’s more than one enemy in there.

The Closed-Door Claymore Trick

Get the shrapnel perk, and claymores. Once you’ve cleared out a popular camping spot, close the two main entry doors and put a claymore behind each, making sure that the edge of the laser doesn’t go through the door. The campers you just killed are almost guaranteed to rush straight back in there.

Anywhere else feels scary to them. They feel safe in there, so they rush straight into your claymores every single time.

Dead Silence

They won’t hear you coming. It won’t make that much difference compared to checking your angles properly, but it definitely helps if you rush in unannounced.BONUS: The M4 Isn’t OP

It’s “overused” because everybody loves the M4, not because it’s better than other guns. HK fanboys like me gravitate toward the Kilo 141, MP5 and MP7 instead, and we think these guns are the best, because, you know, they are.

So, in conclusion: git gud you filthy casul.

And always remember what Price says when you first meet him: Check your corners.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.